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Get down low

Published on April 6, 2020

There are some really simple tricks you can do to get better photos. One of those is to get at eye-level with your subject.

This is particularly impactful when you take photos of children.

We naturally take photos from our point of view high up, pointing the camera down to the ground. You end up with a shot of their head and a cluttered background.

It’s not just kids where getting at eye level is important. Taking your camera all the way to the ground can also give you a more interesting perspective on otherwise boring architecture or streets. The change in perspective in the supermarket photo below focuses the lines into the centre of the image.

Toys are also a really good example of where getting low down will get a more impactful photo. With a smartphone you can even turn your phone upside down to get the camera extra close to the ground.

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Tips and tricks:

Side lighting on face

Side Lighting 

Get a dramatic shot by shooting with the light from the side at Golden Hour

Get down low 

Getting down low is a great trick to get a more dramatic shot

Expodo Features:

Showing the effect of the Expodo magic wand on clouds

Magic Wand 

The magic wand adds contrast to your image before you take it.

Reading the Expodo Circle 

The Exposure Donut shows your camera settings when you took the photo


Pro Controls Made Easy