Pro Controls Made Easy


Having a great camera is only one part of taking great photos. The other is knowing what to do with it. We want to help you make the most out of Expodo, and learn skills that you can take with you wherever you are and whatever camera you are using.


Side lighting on face

Side Lighting 

Get a dramatic shot by shooting with the light from the side at Golden Hour

Get down low 

Getting down low is a great trick to get a more dramatic shot

App Features

Have a look at features of the app, we'll dive deeper into the Magic Wand, Live Preview, the Exposure Donut and other unique features.

Showing the effect of the Expodo magic wand on clouds

Magic Wand 

The magic wand adds contrast to your image before you take it.

Reading the Expodo Circle 

The Exposure Donut shows your camera settings when you took the photo


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Pro Controls Made Easy