Pro Controls Made Easy


What is the Expodo Circle

The expodo circle is a new way of displaying and controlling the elements of exposure.

A complete circle means your picture has a “normal” exposure. Having the circle not complete means the image is underexposed, while if the brightness tab is further to the right the image is overexposed.


Normal exposure


What do the arcs mean


The yellow arc reads the light that's around you. It is an arc you can only control by making your environment lighter (adding flash, lights in the room, moving to a sunnier spot) or making it darker (moving to a darker spot or turning off lights).

The video here shows the yellow arc being very long when we point it at the sun, and becoming very short when we cover up the camera.


The red arc shows and controls the motion blur (technically shutter speed). A longer arc means more blur (or a longer shutter speed). A shorter arc means less blur (or a shorter shutter speed)


the blue arc shows and controls the grain blur (technically ISO). A longer arc means more blur (or a higher ISO)


The green arc only shows on photos taken with DSLR/Mirrorless cameras): Background blur (technically Aperture). A longer green arc means more background blur (or a lower f-number).

Smartphones have fixed apertures so for simplicity we have left out the green arc in the app. When you import an image from a big camera into your Expodo camera roll you will see the green arc on it.

Why do I see the Expodo Circle on my photos

We overlay the expodo circle on all photos in your expodo camera roll. This is different for each photo and shows your camera settings at the time it was taken.

All photos have “EXIF” data connected to them that read out the brightness, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings of the camera at the time. The expodo circle shows these in a fun and intuitive way. 

With Expodo Pro you can import images from any camera into your camera roll and view the expodo circle on them. With Expodo Pro you can also choose to share your photos with or without the expodo circle on them.

How does the Magic Wand work

We only have one filter in the app and that is the magic wand. The magic wand magically looks at the pixels in the image and increases the contrast.The magic wand can make photos look really dramatic. We particularly like how it makes clouds stand out!There are lots of great filter apps but we’re about giving you control before you shoot. This is not an effect you can add after you’ve taken the photo.

How do I get my photos into my camera roll

On the Expodo Free version you can go into the Expodo camera roll and save each photo individually to your iCloud camera roll. With Expodo Pro your photos will automatically sync to your iCloud camera roll.

How can I share my photos

From your camera roll you can share your photos in the same ways as you can share photos from your Apple camera roll. The instagram button automatically re-sizes it to be square with the Expodo Sticker on it ready to post on Instagram.

My camera seems "choppy"

LIVE view shows you what your photo will look like. You might be confused to start with about why the image goes all “choppy” when the red arc is long. This is not a bug, it is a feature of the live view.

When the red arc is long you get a lot of motion bur: a moving subject will look blurry. What you are seeing is a preview of this blurriness. Seeing it live in front of you will help you judge whether your settings need to be readjusted if the image would otherwise be too blurry.

Can I use Expodo to control a DSLR

You can’t just yet. The Expodo concept started as a DSLR user interface. Big cameras are particularly confusing and we developed the Exposure Donut as a more intuitive way to change exposure settings. In 2018 we built some prototypes for Sony cameras. However Sony has removed their support for distribution of third party apps for their cameras so we can’t get it to you yet. But we are looking for ways to make it available. If you are interested please let us know and we can see if we can set you up with a Beta test.

I can't see how to cancel my subscription

Subscriptions are managed by Apple. To manage your subscriptions, go to your Apple Settings, and at the top you will see your iCloud profile. When you click on that you will see subscriptions as one of the options.

How can I get in touch with you

If you have any questions we didn't answer here you can always drop us an email