Michael Freeman

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Glenn Edens

Photographer & Inventor of the Laptop

Ran the research Labs at AT&T, HP, XEROX, & Sun Microsystems

We all have an inner artist inside us, that sees pictures we’d love to capture. But to the average person, a camera’s instruction manual can be as intimidation as those for flying an airplane. This leaves the consumer artist fumbling to capture the image they want - and feeling frustrated.

Expodo solves this problem, turning the core camera variables from a blizzard of numbers into an intuitive visual interface. It gives non-professionals the extraordinary power to control an image before it’s even been taken. This kind of intuitive control accelerates a feedback loop of learning, sharing and delight.

Expodo exemplifies the creative, can-do spirits that keeps me coming back to startups. Tim, Expodo’s founder, was frustrated that his photos kept missing the magic he saw around him. What started as a journey to understand his camera has arrived at a vision for a camera that anyone can master. I’ve been a dedicated photographer all my life, both amateur and professional. I’m excited by expodo’s ambition to bring a new visual language to photography.

Glenn Edens

Audrey and Martin Wood, Founders

of Oxford Instruments PLC,

pioneers in MRI scanning

Ian Bingham, Founder of IP ASSET LTD

Tim Helweg - Larson

Founder Expodo Ltd

“Professional controls that are as easy to use as filters”